Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Legitimate head of Iraq, Saddam Hussein who was enslaved by zionist occupiers, was executed and reach to the martry level in the first day of Eid al-Adha (the Feast of the Sacrifice) as a result of an illegitimate court process while defending his native country.

His dignified, glorious and virile posture during the execution of death sentence, annihilated the plans of Zionists to degrade all muslims with executing valiant and brave guy of Iraq and Islam and He became the symbol of courage, patriotism and jihadism even on the way of death.

Saddam Hussein wrote his name to history with laurels as brave, jihadist and combatant soldier of Iraq and Islam and seal with his blood.

Our Condolences first to his family then to all valiant community, warriors, patriots of Iraq, and all Muslim Community, However be honoured to have such a brave “Father” and “Leader”.

Saddam Hussein did fight not only for Iraq but for Turkish and Anatolian fighters as well due to his disincentive factor in zionist plans and became a martyr.

We as “Islamic Great Eastern Raiders’ Front” (IBDA-C) will perpetuate his fight in our combat.! We solemnly promise!

We reverence infront of sacred reminiscence and warfare of brave warrior who honoured with his testimony.

This is not the day for mourning, this is the day of elation , and day of fighting!